All puppies are sold under contracts to approved homes with guarantees.

The puppies will have a health certificate, microchip, first shots and documented registration with the AKC. They will be sent home with collar and leash, blanket, toy and food. They will be ready for their new homes between 9-10 weeks of age. 

I have additionally performed early neurological stimulation with these puppies. They have been exposed to sounds—people, other animals and ambient noise—since birth. They are kept in my living room and are taken for regular car rides, outdoor play and exposed to many different sights, sounds and smell. People come in and handle the puppies on a regular basis, helping to ensure these beautiful pups become healthy, well-adjusted and confident dogs.

If you are interested in a Barbet, call or e-mail anytime!

Barbets are very social, intelligent and loving dogs who like to be with people and other animals 

I suggest if you are interested in a Barbet you learn all you can about them. They have hair (not fur), but do shed a fair amount as does anyone with hair. These dogs require daily brushing to keep them from matting if their hair is allowed to grow long. Keeping hair cut short requires less grooming.

No Barbet should be left alone for long periods of time! As with any very intelligent animal, Barbets can get bored very easily. A home without anyone around throughout the day isn't a good environment for these wonderful animals!

Barbets love retrieving, agility, dock-jumping, and just walking and playing. They are so gentle, they make wonderful service dogs and companions.